How it works

Play the game and improve your quality of life!

50 different tasks to help you with personal growth

Each of the cards pushes you a little bit out of your comfort zone with small and true-to-life tasks. You …

develop single-handedly self-efficacy for a happier and more content life.

improve your communication skills and relationships with your fellow human beings.

train your serenity, mindfulness and much more, leading to a positive attitude to life.

bring more structure and order into your life.

reduce stress and take more time for yourself.

Start right away!

Draw a card and complete the task. If you think it is not possible today, draw another card. Write down on a piece of paper today’s date and the points you have earned. The points (1, 2, 3, 5, 8) are on the bottom righthand corner of each card. Use individual cards repeatedly so that their contents become a habit.

The cards

You can complete most of the cards within a single day. Some might take a few days for the task to mature or for the right opportunity to occur, others are more like food for thought. In this case we recommend writing down your thoughts, e.g. in a personalized notebook. On the front of each card is the cards text, its points, the category and focus.


We have assigned each card to only one category (e.g. Discover), even if several categories would fit. The categories can help you build a specially focused deck.

Tip: If you think a category does not fit, simply stick a label over it with the category of your choice.

Card focus

The card focus indicates roughly where the content lies between DOING and THINKING.

Is the task doable immediately or is it more like an impulse to reflect?


The points on the cards should motivate you and give you orientation, as to how much effort and how sustainable the task on the card could be. The values 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 are designed to reflect orders of magnitude.

For instance, 8 points should not be read as 4 times as much effort as 2 points. Use the points e.g. to set yourself goals (20 points/week). Or just ignore them.

And yes, the card’s point values are our subjective assessment.

Tip: Stick a small round sticker with a different point value on, if you think it fits better.

Example cards

The game

Goal of the game

“Your journey is the reward” is the perfect description of the game’s goal, because with each card you grow a bit. Of course, you can also set yourself a definite goal in your personality development and use the cards to reach it.

End of the game

The game ends when you stop using it. Apart from that, there is no other reason to end the game.

The one rule of the game

You decide.

Explanation of the rule

There is only this one rule, because we are convinced that you have most fun with the game, if you adapt it to your personality and your way of living. The cards are there only for you. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Thus, you are defining the rules. And as you are doing this, it doesn’t make any sense to cheat, right? 😉

Game variant “Week Deck”

Select specifically or randomly seven cards – one for each day of next week. And then fulfill the cards task every day.

To train habits: Build a deck, which you repeatedly play for seven weeks.

For couples: Mutually select one or two of the seven cards for your partner.

Be creative

Invent a game variant with several players or re-write the cards. The card set contains two empty cards, whose contents you can decide on. Your creativity has no limits.


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